Supplier Info

 BARE-Co is a wholly Australian owned family run company, established by Roy Bare in 1944. BARE-Co has grown to be the largest manufacturer/wholesale distributor of pattern agricultural tractor parts in the southern hemisphere.

 BARE-Co is the Australian leader in aftermarket parts. The website is easy to use and we can quote on the part numbers in blue with delivery Australian wide.

 The website also has technical specification’s on each tractor brand where the engine specs can be found.


 Bepco Australasia is one of the leading suppliers of replacement tractor and engine parts for a wide range of agricultural tractors and diesel engines.

Bepco offer a wide range of engine, clutch, hydraulic, brake, filters, transmission parts, seats, tractor paint and accessories.

Sparex has a great range of tractor parts that includes gaskets, clutch components, bearings, brakes, filters, hydraulics, lights, seals, linkage, fuel delivery and cab & body accessories. They also stock an extensive range of parts for Vintage Tractors such as the TE20 tractor and Fordson tractor.

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